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Pinchos salad

A fresh healthy food which includes vegetables and marinated meat.

7.00 €

Prawns with lettuce leaves

Prawns lined with lettuce leaves and mayonnaise sauce.

10.00 €


Meat, fish and 4 sauces

18,00 €

Tray with grilled squid and beef steak pieces surrounded by salad and maize sauce, blueberry sauce, bittersweet and carrot sauce.

3 types of meat

15,00 €

Tray with 3 different types of meat, beef, ox and lamb. All accompanied by chips, peppers and tomatoes.

Varied of fish

20,00 €

Tray of crayfish, stuffed prawns, codfish cod and salad.

Main courses

Salad with rolls

Salad with chicken rolls with yogurt sauce.

10.00 €

Prawns and salad

Prawns plated with salad.

8.00 €

Fajita with wings

Fajita Mexican with wings of roasted chickens.

8.00 €

Combined dish with fish, chicken, caramelized onion and salad

Lettuce leaves accompanied with codfish, chicken wings and onion caramelized on top with a lemon sauce.

9.00 €



5,00 €

The authentic gin-tonic with its components and with some pieces of strawberry.


5,00 €

A combination of natural products and the best rom so that your palate refreshes.

Cocktail made without alcohol

3,00 €

A cocktail with natural and non-alcoholic ingredients so you can enjoy any palate.


Fruit cup

Cup with fruit varied like strawberries, pineapple and kiwi.

3.00 €

3 cakes

Cheese cake, yogurt cake and tiramisu cake with fruit pieces.

5.00 €

Crepe of chocolate and ice cream

Crepe filled with chocolate and accompanied by a vanilla ice cream ball.

3.00 €

Lemon cake

Lemon cake with chocolate on top.

3,00 €

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